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The smart data marketing
and sales you need to grow your business

Our profession

About Kompass

The right Digital - Physical matching

  • Capturing business opportunities is challenging. And exciting. We are here to help. We provide innovative B2B information services that enables you to reach the right contacts in the right companies, at the right moment, based on our unique data expertise in more than 65 countries.
  • With decades of experience and a far-reaching international physical network, Kompass groupe is the B2B matchmaking and export service provider of choice for many governmental and private institutions around the world.

Our vision for quality

In our ultra connected world, successful business development relies on smart information.
At Kompass, the value of that information rests upon 4 criteria

  • Simplicity : accessible, structured and ready-to-use solutions
  • Reliability : Verified, enhanced and regularly updated data
  • Trust : Information labeled by a world-renewed brand, shared by a community of authorized users
  • Collaborative : checked and monitored by the company itself.

Our ambition

As the preferred business development partner, we work to deserve our reputation
as the trusted solution companies choose to accelerate their development.

About Kompass

How we do it

No matter the size of your company, we are your business development partner. We exist to help you succeed.
We help our clients generate new business opportunities with our smart data marketing and sales implementation solutions, giving them clear-cut ways in which to do this. We can do the same for your company, by helping you:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Enrich your files with Kompass data
  • Make your database more efficient
  • Improve the performance of your buying and selling process

Our organisation

Founded in 1947, our track record speaks for itself. We have consistently demonstrated our agility at integrating new technologies, staying ahead of the latest digital marketing innovations and anticipating new behaviors in the digital world. Kompass has launched 7 ground-breaking new products in less than 2 years.

Kompass Timeline

A truly Worldwide brand

Our global coverage means that we can offer true proximity to ours customers and users. And that is thanks in no small part to the more than 500 employees that make us who we are. This network lets us facilitate local updates of our information base. And provide local service to our customers.

70 Countries 70 countries map
  • +21 million companies
  • +200 million contacts
  • +8 million emails
  • +21 million phone numbers
  • +11 million URLs
  • 7 million unique visitors monthly

Our driving force

Picto/collaborators Copy Created with Sketch. 10%

of the group's turnover dedicated to data collection

Picto/collaborators Copy 2 Created with Sketch. 25%

of the workforce in France

Picto/collaborators Copy 2 Created with Sketch. 75%

of the workforce
in the rest of the world



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Growth in 2017

Picto/Manager Copy Created with Sketch. 10.000

Clients Worldwide

Multi-sector major account and SME

Major accounts and SMES International Distribution
Multi Industries International Distribution
International distribution Multi Industries

Building our own route to success

a 3-fold strategy


Internal Growth

  • A global franchise network
  • Strategic acquisitions and a growing turnover
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External growth

  • Acquisition of digital marketing start-ups
  • Successful integration of acquisitions including ByPath
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  • 8 new products from R&D and the Kompass Lab
  • 8.5 million additional profiles in our database
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