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CRM's App
CRM's App

Enrich your CRM experience

with quality B2B data and leads

Connect our Sales and Marketing tools to your CRM and experience the benefits of smart data and sales Intelligence solutions. Improve your Marketing and Sales productivity starting from lead generation to lead nurturing, all the way through to closing deals and increasing sales.

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Experience the benefits of better B2B data

Improve your Sales productivity with our sales Intelligence apps and allow your marketing department to target your markets more accurately, save on prospecting & research time, and feed your direct marketing campaigns.

Feed your CRM with smart data

Feed your Marketing and Sales teams with potential new customers and leads that are based on your prospecting territory, ecosystem (customers, competitors, partners) and relational networks.

Our sales Apps contain fresh and regularly updated data on 21M companies and 31M executives and will provide you with the most effective ways to reach your target from analyzing more than 20M contacts, 200,000 media sources and social media.

CRM's App

Based on your targets and ecosystem

Thanks to our unique classification, with more than 55.000 product & service codes, deep proprietary Kompass classification, and search filters you will segment your market and identify the perfect customers and prospects to be imported into your Sales and Marketing CRM.

Choose your CRM App or connector

No matter the CRM, you can empower it with our Marketing and Sales Apps or CRM connectors: CRM app for Salesforce, CRM app for Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, ZOHO, SugarCRM, and Pipedrive, to name a few. Tell us about your CRM and we will propose you the best option for your unique setup.

CRM's App

Empower your CRM and get the very best out of it

With an easy set up process, you’ll be able to search, select and import new qualitative data directly into your CRM, saving time and money.

We can deliver training sessions to ensure a good on board and provide regulary support to your team.

We take care of your needs

Your Sales team is always hungry for good quality data and leads to feed their day-to-day activity. The quality prospects and leads generated by our database will improve your Sales team’s conversion rate, increasing your revenue and profits.

CRM's App

Kompass CRM's Apps

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  • User-friendly search tool, many filters
  • Import leads into your CRM
  • A combined, ready-to-use solution
  • Complements your existing system
  • 21 million companies worldwide

  • 70 countries covered
  • 23 million company addresses
  • 21 million phone numbers
  • 31 million managers
  • 200 media sources

Tested. Proven

We are 100% focused on your needs and design the app’s evolutions to be able to respond to the specific challenges that will allow you to stay at the top of your market.

They boosted their business with our products

Whether SME or big companies, 10 000 of them use our solutions daily



Subsidiary of La Poste group’s digital branch

With every data integration operation, one minute is saved

“To import a contact into the CRM, we went down to 1 minute 30 seconds with ByPath. All without having to type anything.”

Nadia Metlaine - CRM and Digital Project Manager

Our clients grew their business

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CRM's Apps

Enrich your CRM experience with quality B2B data and leads

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